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Is your Wix Website working well except that you'd like a new look and feel? It is suggested that websites redesign every 6 months to a year to keep fresh. Whether you want to change the photos, the background or add a new logo designed by our designers, this is the perfect package for your company.

This package includes:

  • Designer one-on-one consultation with your company representative to discuss what aspects of your site are worth keeping in the new design, or what we can toss. We will also talk about the page layouts, color schemes, and the order of the pages within.
  • A complete new layout will be presented to the client once the designers have an idea of what you're looking for. We can incorporate the new fall colors of your products, new location or generally an all new feel to the site. We can take your site from earthy to sleek or from vibrant colors to more subtle hues.
  • Once the new design is agreed upon, we will incorporate all of the original copy of the site to the new layout. We will seamlessly bring the elements of copy and photos into the new design without changes so that the site can be complete in an expedited fashion.
  • Once the site is approved, we will publish the site and remain as an Admin, should you need additional help in the future.
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